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PRO YAMAHA GOLF CARS is an Authorised YAMAHA golf car dealer offering the full range of YAMAHA golf cars and Utility vehicles, both new and refurbished.

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We have a large range of models available, from standard 2 seater golf carts to highly customised golf carts for personal transportation. We have fully trained technicians in our service division to maintain the carts in top condition.

PRO YAMAHA GOLF CARS offers specials for Homeowners, Golf Clubs, Shopping centres, Hotels, Factories , Housing estate Property management companies, Retirement Villages and many varied users of golf cars, in Johannesburg Midrand and Pretoria and the surrounding areas. We also deliver to outlying areas around SA.

At PRO YAMAHA GOLF CARS, we take a very unique and personal approach to business.

We are committed to developing a positive business relationship with our clients.

Our goal is simple;

We want to be your trusted source for all things related to golf cars whatever the use, if you buy your new or refurbished YAMAHA golf cars from PRO YAMAHA GOLF CARS, you can be assured that you are getting a high quality car at an affordable price.

It’s time to let our prices, service and expertise steer you into the future

We are a full service YAMAHA golf cart distributor and service organisation for over 16 years,

When you purchase a YAMAHA golf cart from PRO YAMAHA GOLF CARS, you become a business partner of ours for many years to come. If you are interested in buying a new or refurbished YAMAHA golf cart, please contact us today.


The batteries must be firmly secured; the exterior kept clean and dry.

Periodical topping up with distilled water is necessary to maintain the electrolyte above the plates. Never add acid.

The electrolyte solution should be 10mm to 15mm above the lead plates. In summer checking once per week is recommended. In winter every two weeks should be sufficient.

The batteries should be charged after use or when the battery indicator shows the charged state to be 50% or less.

The charger will cut out automatically once fully charged. The batteries do not have a memory. Therefore charging more frequently can do no harm. Do not use extensions between the charger and the wall plug.

If the battery charge level drops to 80% the red charge indicator light will start flashing. It is ESSENTIAL that the batteries are re-charged immediately to avoid battery damage. The charger will not kick in if the battery level drops below 80%; this is a safety feature to protect the battery charger.

Always ensure good connections of charger plugs before switching on the power to the charger and never charge with ignition switch on.

If the batteries are stored or if the vehicle is not in use then charging at least once a month is recommended to preserve battery life.

During charging, hydrogen and oxygen are evolved and a spark or flame near the vents may well cause an explosion. It is therefore necessary to charge in a ventilated area and not to allow naked flame or cigarette smoking etc near the batteries.


Periodic cleaning (approximately once a month) is required to remove corrosion, which is conductive and will promote short circuits.

This should be done with a solution of Bicarbonate of Soda and warm water at a ratio of one part Bicarbonate of Soda to 20 parts of water. The solution should be brushed onto the corroded area and allowed to stand for five minutes. A greenish foam will be produced which should then be sprayed off with a LOW PRESSURE supply of water. High pressure spraying will almost certainly cause water to enter electrical circuits and must be avoided at all costs.

The top surface of the batteries must be dry before charging to prevent short circuiting.

It should be noted that rapid charging or discharging will shorten the battery life. It is important therefore to prevent overloading such as pulling trailers etc, and to ensure tyre pressures are correct at all times.

Proper maintenance and care will result in years of trouble free battery life.

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